Edge of Darkness Expansion Emissaries of the Vale

Created by Alderac Entertainment Group

A new expansion that links the lands of Mystic Vale with the cities of Edge of Darkness!

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1$ Pledge Manager, Cold Harbor, and GenCon
about 1 month ago – Tue, Sep 14, 2021 at 09:14:26 PM

As I get ready to head off for GenCon, I wanted to fire off a quick reminder that the pledge manager is open for all backers now. You should have an email with the details (check the address you use for Kickstarter). 

Cold Harbor is just about sold out as well (I think we are at under 50 available copies at this point). If you backed at "all in" but haven't filled out the manager yet, we've reserved a copy for you, but if you backed at another level and want to add Cold Harbor I suggest you do so quickly. 

A few weeks after we get back from GenCon and dust off, I should start to have some trickles of pre-press news coming your way. 

For those who are new to AEG Kickstarters, this is what you should expect from us going forward. I'll do an update every month or so with what is going on in production. Early on, this will involve files getting sloshed around internally for approvals and last pieces of text/art getting placed (might have more previews here). Then the files go back and forth with the printer. Next, there tends to be a couple of months with nothing interesting to talk about as we schedule time on press and do early checks. Then we'll get into e-proofs and physical proofs, and once those get approved, things will start to move faster and I'll be able to share images of product on press, white box samples, and "first off the press" samples. Another 8-12 weeks of nothing to talk about follows that as the product physically gets shipped to where it needs to be (this stage has been really unpredictable lately, hopefully it'll be better relatively soon). Lastly we ship out product!

Thanks and if you happen to be going to GenCon, be sure to stop by the booth! 

Pledge Manager open for Backers at the $45, $120 and $189 Reward Levels
about 2 months ago – Wed, Sep 01, 2021 at 03:36:10 AM

Dear Backers!

We are opening the Pledge Manager to the people who selected an Emissaries of the Vale, Guildmaster, or All-in Game Play Reward during the Kickstarter (people who selected the $1 No Reward level do not have access to the Pledge Manager at this time).

The Pledge Manager we are using for this campaign is BackerKit. We've used BackerKit for all the previous Edge of Darkness campaigns. BackerKit will send you an email with an invitation to your order; use that email to gain access to your order in order to configure it, select add-ons, provide your shipping address, and arrange payment for remaining balance due.

If you have provided Kickstarter with an AppleID email address and not shared your address with Kickstarter, Kickstarter will share a useless email with BackerKit and you will not get any email from BackerKit. If you have done this please email us directly at kickstarter@alderac.com and provide an email address we can use to contact you and we'll put that email on your order in BackerKit so you can gain access to your order.

BackerKit's invitation email will go to whatever email address you have provided to Kickstarter for this campaign. If you have not seen the invite in 12 hours or so be sure to check your spam filter/folder.

The Pledge Manager for this campaign has several features and functions we wanted to make you aware of.

First, some of the products for Edge of Darkness are in limited supply and will not be remanufactured for this campaign. We have limited quantities of the Guildmaster base game, the Cliffs of Coldharbor + Advanced Guild Pack, the Metal Coins, and the Extra Extra Premium Sleeves. When these items are sold out you will no longer be able to add them to your order.

Second, we'd like to mention that for customers in the US, Canada and Europe there are other games available for purchase in the Pledge Manager (sorry Australia, New Zealand and Asia, we aren't able to extend that offer to your regions at this time). These games are either bundled with additional content, a microexpansion or are discounted from the MSRP.  These products, if ordered, will be shipped at the same time as your Edge of Darkness Rewards in 2022; we cannot do split shipping or expedited early shipping for this campaign.

Third, you may notice that your shipping & handling costs are different than those provided during the campaign. We've been working behind the scenes to get the best possible logistics costs and the prices in the Pledge Manager represent those prices. (Please see the note about refunds below if you have questions). Your shipping & handling fees are calculated based on the total weight of your order.

Fourth, for this campaign we are complying with local laws regarding taxes. If you are in the United States and you are in a state where we are obligated to collect and remit sales tax you will see that tax on your order. Similarly, we believe we'll be obligated to pay sales tax in Canada and each Province and Territory has been configured with the appropriate tax rate (if we do not pay sales tax we'll pay an import tax that is equal to or greater than the sales taxes collected). In the European Union and the United Kingdom we expect to pay VAT; we will either pay each member-state's VAT rate as shown on your order or we'll pay an import tax when the product goes into the European Depot which will be equal to or higher than the VAT charged. The same for the United Kingdom.  AEG does not make a profit on shipping & handling or tax and we usually underestimate those costs and end up paying the difference out of our profits.

REFUNDS: AEG offers a 100% no questions asked refund to any backer within the first 14 days after the end of the campaign (which was on Friday the 27th. After the 14th day (which will be September 10th), we can refund 92% of the amount you paid on Kickstarter; the other 8% is not recoverable from Kickstarter after that point. We will be able to refund 100% of any funds paid on BackerKit. If you believe, at any time prior to the fulfillment of this campaign, that the total price of your order is unfair and did not reflect your understanding of the costs as described on the Campaign Page of the Kickstarter you can request a 100% refund. In all cases, to request a refund please email kickstarter@alderac.com and provide the email address you used in this campaign.

FULFILLMENT: We are planning to fulfill this campaign in 2022. The game design for Emissaries of the Vale is complete. The illustration for Emissaries of the Vale is complete. The graphic design, layout, and creation of the rulebook is still being done. We will provide Updates to the community in 2022 as we move closer to the fulfillment window with production status updates and when the time has arrived fulfillment Updates.

LATE PLEDGES: For any person who did not select a full Reward Level in this campaign (including $1 No Reward backers), you will be able to place a Late Order in the Pledge Manager starting next Tuesday (September 7th). Prices will be the same as described in the campaign but some items may have been sold out.

QUESTIONS, CONCERNS, COMMENTS: Please email kickstarter@alderac.com; this is the best way to ensure that we are able to reply to your query. Posts in comment threads and Kickstarter messages are less well monitored than our email tracking system.

Thank you again for helping make this campaign a huge success. Without your participation we could not achieve what has been achieved and Edge of Darkness would not have been published or expanded. On behalf of everyone at Alderac Entertainment Group, we thank you!

-- The AEG Edge of Darkness Team

Thank you so much!!! (and important pledge manager reminder)
about 2 months ago – Sat, Aug 28, 2021 at 02:22:34 AM

What a ride!! I want to personally thank you for supporting Edge of Darkness through this campaign. I know many backers shared this campaign with their friends and I really appreciate that kind of help in getting the word out. 

Important Pledge Manager Reminder

Our current plan is to open the Pledge manager on Monday at 9am Pacfic. From Monday until Friday, the pledge manager will ONLY be open to backers who backed at least at the Emissaries of the Vale level (not late backers, or the 1$ backers). This is imporant because some of the products are limited in availability - particularly The Guildmaster big box and the Cold Harbor expansion - and we want to make sure that backers of this campaign will have the first chance at adding them to their pledge. 

What's Next?

Well, we're going to rest for a few days. Then we're going to get into the meaty part of producing the game. 

Design is done and all the raw artwork is in, so we are ahead of schedule. That said, we still have to finish the internal editing loops, put the finishing touches on the rule update, and then lots of back-and-forth with the printer. 

I'll do my best to keep you all updated along the way. Drop any questions you have in the comments below and after a healthy rest, me or someone on the team will get to answering them. Have a great weekend everyone and thanks again for supporting Edge of Darkness!


Update - Traveler's Path and good write up for new players
about 2 months ago – Fri, Aug 27, 2021 at 11:58:07 PM

For those of you who are going to be new to Edge of Darkness, I thought I'd share this write-up I found on BoardGameGeek.com It's a real solid look at what to expect when the game arrives.

Update - Ley Line of the Old Vale and More
about 2 months ago – Fri, Aug 27, 2021 at 01:28:25 AM

We've got a lot of new-to-Edge-of-Darkness backers on this campaign, so I wanted to share a great overview/review here as well so you all know what kind of awesome is headed your way!!